Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just Another Day in Mwanza

I went to the hairdresser today and got my first real haircut.

My first "real" haircut in TZ

Boy was it sorely needed! While I was at the hairdresser I also picked up some lettuce. Because, really, who doesn't buy lettuce while you're getting your hair done?*

In other news for the weekend, Chris and George finished putting up the privacy fencing around the yard. Check out how good it looks!

Chris and George's handiwork-reed mats around our fence, which will give us more privacy.

I hate to block out the outside world because I like looking outside my window and seeing Africa. But at the same time, people are always looking at us through the fence and either staring or asking for something, usually both. I just feel like we're always in the spotlight, so I really am excited to have this privacy and feel a little more comfort in our home and outside in our yard.

Smokey's not too happy about the new fence, though. Look at what happened to her "secret" escape route into the outside world full of trash and bones to eat.

The reason Smokey is so sulky today...

She's been sulking all day today. So to take out her frustrations she's helping Chris with some heavy yard work.

Smokey's idea of helping Chris in the backyard

Smokey's idea of helping Chris in the backyard

Thanks, Smokey. Our garden beds will be so much nicer because of your assistance today. 

*Lettuce is kind of hard to find (or at least found in out of the way places) so when the guy came into the saloon** selling veggies I took the opportunity! And it was cheap too--500 shillings for 2 heads (that's like 35 cents). They were small, but they usually run closer to 1000 shillings for 1, so I feel like I made out in the deal.

**Yes, I said saloon. The Tanzanians call salons saloons. Or at least, that's what they often write on the outside of their shop. Cracks me up every time.


Paul said...

Haircut looks great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's and the updates! Thanks for sharing!!!!! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Cute hair and cute dog. Chris and your yard look great too!

Love you all,