Monday, August 13, 2012

Where's August?

I can't believe that August is almost 1/2 way over! It seems like life has just been picking up and I've got so much to do and little time to do anything. So, yes, this is an apology for not posting more this month.

Burglary update:
Looks like I'm not going to get my computer or Blackberry back. So, if people can please email me your phone numbers, physical addresses and birthdays (for you and your kids if you have any) because I lost all of that. Chris and I are slowly adjusting to being a one computer family. Life is tough, I know. But that has been a tougher adjustment than I think either of us would've thought! ;)

Smokey is doing great. Last week she gained her full apatite back and then-some. She's back to her super chipper, loving ways. We're hoping to increase our wolf pack by one more this week because we're on the lookout for a cat. We've not gotten one yet, but we have some feelers out so I think any day now... That will add to our mental well-being, I hope, because it'll give us a little fuzzy one to cuddle with and pet, which totally lowers stress levels.

Job update:
I've started working full time at Kivulini and it's been great so far. There's not much to report on that front yet. I've mostly been learning about the work they do and assessing where I can make a difference. I think I'm joining the organization at a good time because their Executive Director is transitioning out. The new ED is young and full of really good ideas. He seems very smart and on-point. I will most likely be a technical adviser to help get the organization a little more streamline in the way of programming, evaluating, monitoring, documenting, etc, which will help them get more funding and provide more valuable services in the region to prevent violence against women.

Fun stuff:
We've been busy having new Tanzanian friends over for dinner. One friend who lives in our neighborhood and also works with Chris came for a visit last week and brought her 2 kids over. We made chilli and a TON of french fries. The kids had a great time playing with some toys that were sent from the States.

Friends over for dinner
Chris wasn't happy that the boy had his nemesis printed on his shorts. SHARKS! Ha ha!

Chris and I went to Musoma this weekend to visit fellow missioner, Liz. It was great to get away from the stresses of the big city and our life here and relax for a few days. Liz always rolls out the red carpet for us and it was great seeing her. We also got a chance to help out with Lisa's Pride and see the kids who we met back when we were at language school. It was great to see them again! They're such a great group of kids.

Lisas Pride
Playing with sidewalk chalk sent from the States

A message from a child in Lisa's Pride
A message from the kids of Lisa's Pride

Lisa's Pride

Liz and a member of Lisa's Pride
Liz and one happy looking girl. She used to be really surly, but seems to be warming up to our group a lot! She's a cutie!

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