Friday, August 31, 2012

That Kind of Day

Friday are supposed to be my days to work from home. But because we have an all-day meeting tomorrow, the girl that does our wash on Saturdays has come today to do it instead. We put up the clothesline outside knowing that the cement was still not completely set from when the workers installed the spikes at the top of our wall earlier this week. The clothesline is attached to the wall. But I was hoping it would stay. Of course, just as Jackie was putting the last piece of clothing up, the wall broke, the clothesline fell, and all the clothes fell into the dirt. So I helped her pick everything up, feeling sorry that I couldn't adequately express my sympathy as she re-rinsed everything. Then I fixed the clothesline inside the garage and told her to just put the stuff up in there. As she was 1/2 way through hanging the stuff, the line broke and 1/2 of what she had just rewashed and rehung fell to the dirty floor again! The garage floor is even more dirty than the dirty on the ground, so Jackie had to totally rewash those things that fell. I feel so sorry for her! And, I've not managed to get any work done so far. Let's see what the rest of the day brings.

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Michael in TZ said...

Ack! But it sounds like you're taking it in stride. Here's hoping your weekend is better than this morning!