Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ready for Visitors!

We've cleaned the house, finished the backyard, bought beer and wine and made a bunch of food. I think we're ready for our first visitors! My parents arrive tomorrow (narrowly escaping the snow) and we couldn't be more happy. We'll have a much-needed vacation into the Serengeti for a few days and will just enjoy catching up with family.

Who will be the next to come?? Maybe this guy will come back?

An unexpected guest. A hedgehog!

Smokey would like that.

 Smokey chilling in the yard

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Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, How excited I am for you and your family! What a wonderful experience for you all. I can hardly wait to see all the photo's (please take lots). Say hello to your mom for me. ((HUGS))
Aunt Terrie