Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot (?) Like Christmas

I haven't made my usual assortment of cookies this year, but I've managed to get a few done.

Have you heard the Christmas story where dogs pull the sleigh? Totally true.
My cookie cutters are dogs, seals, fish and (of course) lions. So ask me someday to tell you about the Christmas and Hanukah stories that involve these animal. Have you heard about how the seals originally had the idea to light the lamps at Hanukah? Or how lions help to keep the elves regulated and working at a quick pace? True.

Mango Cookie
I had to use some mangos so tried out these cookies. Meh...

Christmas Staple-Mudballs
Old tried-and-true.

Singing (Badly) Christmas Carols
The annual Fortes Christmas party lived up to the hype. Open bar. Great food. Total Christmas ambiance. Wish we could fast-forward to next year's already.

Pretty Sweet Shindig
Chris approved.

I'd much rather think of all these Christmasy things than what our house looks like right now.

Living Room

Dinning room

Wood paneling removed (and sitting for 3 days waiting for someone to come collect it!) and cement cleaned up a bit. Next is to paint, though I can't imagine how many coats it'll need to actually absorb and look semi-clean. Fa la la la la la la la la.

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