Sunday, March 24, 2013

Around the Office

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from the office and from our International Women's Day events in the beginning of March.

International Women's Day:
Kivulini staff and volunteers heatedly discussing the issues with people as they stop by our tent
We had a tent set up in the stadium in downtown Mwanza where people could stop by anytime during the week to get information, debate the issues or take a pledge to join our changemaker campaign. Here you can see the staff and volunteers having a heated discussion with community members.

Rahabu sign Rich (a new missioner) as a We Can changemaker
One of our new missioners even signed the pledge.

Mama Kikwete, the First Lady of TZ, was the guest speaker on Friday
On March 8, International Women's Day, Mama Kikwete spoke and visited each of the tents.

If you want to see all the pictures that I uploaded, click here to see the Flickr set. Disclaimer, most of these pictures were taken by a hired photographer and not by me. If it's a blurry shot, then I probably took it on my iPhone. Otherwise, I probably didn't take it.

Around the Office:
For the past few months we have had an international social work student from Zurich university doing her field placement in our office. She's taken a bunch of nice pictures of the staff, which I thought I'd share here.

Me, Witness, Leonie (a SW intern from Swizerland) and John.
Me with Witness (a volunteer who left last week to start her new job), Leonie (the intern) and John (another volunteer)

This posing for pictures was the best thing happening that day at work.

This was really fun to take as many pictures with me and Leonie as possible.
With Kadijah, program officer in the We Can Campaign.

Me, Kadijah, Leonie & Asia
With Asia, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation.

To see more pictures of my staff, visit my photostream.

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