Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 1000th!*

The 1000th posting on my blog passed weeks ago and I didn't even mention or commemorate it! I can't believe that I've had this blog for over 8 years and that I've actually had something to post about over 1000 times, not too bad for an introvert. I can't say that my posts have always been interesting but I've managed to crank them out, which is more than I can say for any diary or journal that I've ever started. Those usually make it 6 months or a year, tops, and then they collect dust on the shelf.

Well, a lot has changed over these past 1012 posts. My first post was short and sweet. I think I've gotten a lot more rambley since then. Somewhere along the way I also started to use proper punctuation. I guess I realized it didn't take that much more effort to capitalize.

My second post was a picture of this little cutie.

baby maddie

Can you believe, this is her now? She's still a cutie, but not so little anymore.

Hanging with Maddie on the beach

My third post was this picture of her father.

another waldie!

Well, not much has changed there, as you can see...

American Gothic

Anyways, I guess I can't go through all 1000 posts one by one. That'd for sure lose all of the 3 remaining readers who have stuck with me over the past 8 years.

A lot of has changed over the past 1000 posts. People have died. People have been born. I've changed jobs 3 times. Chris has gotten a few more college degrees. Pets have come into and exited our lives. We live on a different continent.

But, yeah, just, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting. Here's to another 988 posts.

*This will actually by my 1012th post! Well on my way to another 1000, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Katie. Doesn't seem like you've been posting that long. I check your blog every day so hope you won't quit posting for at least 8 more years. I enjoy your tales.

Love you,