Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quarterly Newsletter

Click here to read and download our quarterly newsletter with information about what Chris and I have been up to in our ministries over the past few months, as well news about new ministries and projects. We are really excited about these new initiatives and I want to take this opportunity to appeal to you to help us with these endeavors.

At this point, we are now involved in more ministry projects than ever before. With this blessing comes the challenge of needing more funds in order to accomplish our increased work. Our current mission account* balance has been largely exhausted by our current projects and over the past several months we have received very few donations. With the launch of our new projects we are hoping that you will think about making a special donation. As always, your donations to our mission account help with our formal ministries, informal requests by people for personal assistance, “special projects,” (i.e. building Paulina’s house), as well as opportunities for us to continue cultural acclamation (i.e. language tutoring). With our new projects there will be increased start-up costs such as expenses for photocopies of curriculums, fees for materials, or small stipends for program assistants. The list of needs is endless and, needless to say, the more we have, the more we can do. Please consider making a special donation to our mission account to allow us to do more in our community. All donations through MKLM are tax deductible.

Chris and I are immensely grateful for all the support we receive from home. We are continually awed and humbled by the emails, prayers, packages, donations, gifts, etc. etc. We want you to know how much we appreciate your support in whatever form it comes and we are physically, emotionally and spiritually sustained by your generosity on a daily basis.

*A point of clarification: Donations to MKLM with the wording “Chris and Katie Reid-Mission Account” are credited to the account referenced in this email. Donations made to MKLM with anything else (even just our names) and no specific mention of a “Mission Account” are sent to MKLM’s general fund, which helps offset the cost of us in mission (i.e. our stipends, our health insurance, the programmatic fees associated on an administrative level). We appreciate donations in either manner and both are extremely helpful to our role in mission in TZ.

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