Monday, August 12, 2013

The End to our Little B

I posted this on Facebook, but just to keep the blog up-to-date (and for those not on FB), just a quick note about our little kitty's death.

Wembley April 2013

Little Wembley, only about 6 months old, died this weekend. We came home late from a wedding Saturday night/Sunday morning (blog post to come soon) and found him dead on the bed. As you might know from previous posts, he'd been sick. But he gotten better over the past month and we thought we'd gotten out of the woods on that one. But a few days ago he started acting erratic again and we suspected that his mysterious "sickness" was back again. He wasn't as bad this time as he was last time, so I was surprised on Saturday to find him dead. I didn't really expect it to kill him, but I did hope that if he was going to be continuously sick with an unknown ailment, that it would just take him quickly so he (and we) didn't have to suffer. 

We live in a place where people and kids die every day of mysterious causes. Chris and I have talked several times over the past day about how quickly we've moved on from the death of this little guy. Don't get me wrong. We're upset and there have been many times when we've forgotten he's dead and expected him to jump in our laps or beg for food. But at the same time I think that having seen so much human death and illness (not to mention suffering and poverty) over the past 1 1/2 years, losing a cat doesn't seem like that much of a loss to bare. I think we've definitely gained a new perspective on that one.

Wembley was a good little kitty, though. He liked to sit on the back of the couch and watch the birds outside playing on the roof of the truck. He made funny sounds when he ate. His meow often sounded like the Squeaky Namaqua rain frog. He followed me around the house and sat in my lap as soon as I sat down. He had his first taste of American kitty treats brought by my parents in July and once he tried them he couldn't get enough! And he really knew how to shake his booty to "The Hanky Panky." He'll definitely be missed.

Wembley. aka: Wembles, Little B, Little Man, Duder, Purr Baby
Approx. Feb 2013-Aug 2013

Sleeping on my lap July 2013

Working hard while I work at home

Are you watching me?

 Tired-after-a-long-journey cuddled with tired-after-being-left-alone-for-3-weeks

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RIP Wembley