Monday, September 02, 2013

2nd Annual Lake Eyasi Camping Trip

Some might remember that last year we took a community trip out to visit a Maryknoll parish in the village of Ndoleleji and then out further into the bush into an area with the nomadic Watatulu people, with whom Fr. Dan Ohman has worked for many decades. We were fortunate that Dan's health held out and he agreed to take a group of us out there again for a week. I suspect that this might be the last time we're able to do it with Dan, as he's slowing down a bit and getting a little shaky. But we might've said that last year too, so we will see what the future holds.

The trip was pretty much a repeat of last year-1 day drive to Ndoleleji and spend the night at the parish, 1 day drive to Lake Eyasi and camp out there 2 nights, 1 day drive to Magalata to visit a small Christian community and camp out there, 1 day drive back. It's a lot of driving and even more dust, but as always, it's a wonderful experience and well worth the effort. This year the group consisted of 1 MK father, 1 MK sister and 7 MK lay missioners and 1 guest.

I put a bunch of pictures up on Flickr, which you can check out here. Below are some of the highlights. Also, here's last year's pictures, in case you're interested in comparing.

The group outside Dan's place in Ndoleleji.
Group shot (plus Fr. Hung and Fr. Mike, who weren't able to go out into the bush with us) enjoying sundowners at Ndoleleji.

Beautiful sunet while we enjoyed our sundowner.
Sunset at Ndoleleji. This is what Africa's supposed to look like, right?

We stopped to ask direction and these two Watatulu folks decided to hang on for a ride.
When we stop to ask directions we always get some tag-alongs.

Our campsite near Lake Eyasi along the rift valley.
Our campsite had a great view of the escarpment.

Our campsite was never without visitors. We are like a traveling circus to them.
Just like last year, everyone in the "neighborhood" comes out to our campsite to get a glimpse of our traveling circus.

The hike into the dry river bed.
We hiked to what people affectionately call "the baboon pools." Last year we hiked hours to get there. This year, we camped closer, so the hike way much more manageable!

Putting my dirty feet into the "baboon pools."
No one would swim with me this year, so I just settled for soaking my feet.

Chris teaching kids to throw a frisbee. It was a favorite last year.
In Magalata, Chris played with the kids to teach them frisbee. They remembered this from last year and asked for him to do it again.

Liz with Stephano and Christina.
Liz with Christina and Stephano, 2 of the Catechist's children.

Me with Lucia and Paulo's family
Me with Paolo and Lucia and their other 2 children.

Eatting dinner-a shared bowl of rice and beans. So good!
The community in Magalata are always so generous to feed us dinner and breakfast when we visit. Our dinner was a community meal of rice and beans, the rice was grown by one of the Catechists in the rainy season.

Sr. Genie watches the sun rise in Magalata.
Sr. Genie watching the sun come up in Magalata.

Dan, our fearless leader, has been working in Africa for over 50 years
Once again, thanks goes out to Dan, our fearless leader, and big ups to him for all the amazing work he's been doing in Tanzania for over 50 years!

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