Saturday, August 30, 2008

at least i'm not dead, part 2

when i was at the grocery store today i ran into this somali guy who is a big player in the refugee community. he, himself, is not a refugee but he helps them out a whole lot and i know him fairly well.

so he says to me, "i heard about your car."

"yea," i say, and proceed to tell him about it.

"well you know she did the same thing to my car right," he says.


"oh, they didn't tell you?"

what's even more funny about that is that the driver used this somali guy as leverage on me, saying " he takes me on the road." so i was feeling all bad. like, "oh, well if he takes her on the road and she's not had an accident, maybe i'm just overreacting."

turns out i wasn't.

**as an aside: for those who don't read comments, you might have missed the good news that we didn't have to pay for any repairs to our car. we took it into our trusty mechanic, they looked it over and said that other than needing a little body work on the front bumper (which we're skipping), everything was fine. then, because we had just been in last week for other repairs, they didn't even charge us to look at it. plus they bent some of the bumper back for us and cut out the pieces that were rubbing up on the tire. man, they're great! if you need a mechanic, andrew's auto on harden. it's where it's at!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Don't remember if we'd mentioned to you or not, but we also use Andrews -- they are honest, accurate, reliable and reasonable. My dad relied on them for many years for his work and personal vehicles. Daddy, who was an electrician who made service calls, kept (usually older) trucks and vans loaded and on the road all the time -- Andrews did great work for him and helped minimize any down time.

When I first went there afer he died, I mentioned who I was, which sparked several minutes of tributes to Daddy and to his beloved Lincoln Town Car.

St. Izzy said...

And it was when we took the Saturn in to Andrews for an odd tapping in the motor, which I thought might just be valve lash adjustment needed, that they said, "that's coming from deeper inside the motor than valves. I don't think you want to pay us to find and fix that," and sent us on our way at no charge.

So now the Saturn is our around-town / beater / loaner, and SWMBO has a Honda.

Dogwood Dell said...

Glad to hear the repairs were nominal based what it could have been.

Anonymous said...

And the lesson here is what? Trust your instincts and don't give in to pressure/manipulation from others. Jim pointed out that this is more or less the same thing that happened at Boys and Girls Club, right?