Sunday, August 24, 2008

gardening class

while i'm waiting for our borrowed weed eater to charge up, i thought i'd post about my gardening class.

the county recreation commission was offering a free gardening workshop yesterday morning which i'd been looking forward to for a while. i originally thought it would be about veggie gardening, but about a day or 2 before the class it occurred to me that it was probably about landscaping, which it was. the biggest disappointment of the class was that it was held inside. and it was a beautiful day outside! but they held us captive inside a cinder block room and showed us power point pictures of outside. but it wasn't too bad. i did learn a little bit and mostly confirmed a few things i'd had hunches about.

but the best part was that i won the door prize*, a purple butterfly bush! i rarely win anything!

*ok, in all honesty they had 4 door prizes and there were only about 10 people there so my odds were good. but i got the door prize that i wanted! woohoo!

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