Saturday, August 23, 2008


enjoying dinner

this past thursday night was slow food columbia's first big event, a fund raiser to send 2 local farmers to terra madre, an international food conference hosted by slow food international. you may remember me mentioning the fund raiser event previously.

thursday night was a huge success. tickets sold out really quickly and everyone who attended (or at least who i talked to) seemed really happy with the night.

baldman and i were fortunate to have shared a table with the guests of honor. plus, we sat with some local big-wigs. so that was fun.

dinner started out with a really fantastic west african peanut soup with cilantro, followed by mixed salad greens with toasted pumpkin seeds donated by rosewood market. the entree was locally raised grass-fed lamb donated by five leaves farm, accompanied by anson mills's carolina gold rice and sea island peas. of course, we didn't partake in the lamb, but the fabulous terra staff made us a special veggie plate (even though we tried to insist that they don't). all the food was fantastic, as expected, and we were fortunate to have reached our goal in fund raising. so a success all around!

i have a few pictures that i took posted on flickr, but i didn't take many shots because there were a lot of other folks taking pictures too. i'll add them up there when/if they're posted online.

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