Monday, August 25, 2008

blog changes

for those who actually go to this website and don't just get it fed to you in some way, you may have noticed i tried to make a few moderate changes to the template. if anyone can tell me how the heck to center the picture at the top of the page, i sure would appreciate it.


Ben Waldie said...

If you can edit the HTML of the top of the page, just add the following tags around the image...

< center >< /center >

NOTE: Remove the spaces after/before each < and >.

Dogwood Dell said...

Or you can redesign the entire page by finding a new free template online.

Waldie said...

chirper, i tried that but because i don't know html, it's hard for me to figure out where the picture is. i tried a few things but it just centered the text or did other weird things, but it didn't center the picture.

dogwood, i didn't really want a whole new template, though probably in the long run that would've been a whole lot easier.

thanks for the suggestions, all. i think you might all have to deal with it not centered.