Sunday, November 23, 2008

our annual annual christmas party is back!

since thanksgiving is just barrelling toward us (this week!) and next sunday starts advent, it's a natural extension to forget all that and jump right to christmas!*

those folks who have known us for a few years might remember our annual christmas party. we had to put a hiatus on it last year but this year we'll be back in full swing, with a slight alteration. because of scheduling conflicts we're going to do it in january this year. so mark your calendars for january 10th and we'll have more details to come in a few weeks.

i'll leave you with this picture of yummy food to tempt you to hold that date on your calendars.

the spread yummmm! be there!

*for those sticklers who are all for keeping holidays holidays and get mad when they put halloween candy out in august, i'm actually with you on that. it was a little jest about skipping thanksgiving and advent.

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Dogwood Dell said...

No qualms from me extending the Christmas season past Twelfth Night