Friday, November 28, 2008

waldie's quiz

i am always amazed at the buried treasure that i find every time i work out in the garden. today i spent the day raking pine straw and magnolia leaves. while i was raking i ran across an unexpected item buried in the ground. which leads me to this quiz:

which of the following items have i found buried in our yard?
a) broken glass
b) a rug
c) a can of paint
d) whole cinder blocks

post your answers in the comments section and i'll reveal the answer in another post in a few days.


Fuzzy said...

e) spanish dubloons!

Erica said...

I am going to guess A, B and D. Cause people usually leave paint in basements or closets.

Dogwood Dell said...

I like Fuzzy's comment but would have said, "Confederate Gold." The Spanish didn't make it that far inland to SC. But some folks have discovered buried Confederate coins.

But knowing that's not an option, I will have to say "A Rug"

St. Izzy said...

In the paragraph, you speak of finding "an... item," but the question hints that you may have found more than one. I'm guessing that this one particular item made you reflect on previous finds as well.

I know that anyone who digs in their backyard will eventually find broken glass, so A is on. B would be surprising, since most textiles will break down over time, but it could be a recent burial. And I've seen whole cinder blocks in the ground before. As Erica notes, most surprising of all would be C, a can of paint.

I'm going out on a limb and saying ALL OF THE ABOVE.

IPW said...

I'm going with a whole cinder block, because...It seems the white trash thing to do. That is bury a cinder block, not guessing it. I think I'm going to shut up now and go away.

Pam said...

My first thought was all of the above..Finding a entire can of paint would be the most unusual, but not a tossed used can, dried up and rusted...I can see that..I say AOTA.