Tuesday, November 18, 2008

thanks husband

i'm staying home from bible study tonight because my throat hurts like mad crazy. baldman had this "cold-thingy" for a week and now, it seems, has passed it on to me. so i guess we do share everything.

i've not been regularly blogging, which some have pointed out to me, thank you very much. i have had things to post about but mostly no time. and then when i had a minute of time, nothing really seemed noteworthy to blog about.

i'm finishing up the last of the creative act classes. we've met some really interesting authors, the most funny was sophie gee who talked about sex and garbage in the 18th century. i think it would've been hilarious in any context, but it was especially hilarious given the age of most attendants. i look forward to hearing jane hamilton this week (if i make it. cold, go away!) even though her book made me want to slit my wrists.

i picked our first harvest of collards and put it in a delic quiche. the garlic has sprouted, as have some of our other seeds. now i have to get out there and tidy things up a bit and continue to pray that they grow grow grow.

we're not going out of town for thanksgiving, which is sad. this'll be the first thanksgiving that we've had at our own place though, so i guess that's good. we're going to have some company over and hopefully make some really yummy treats! i love thanksgiving foods!

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