Saturday, November 22, 2008

still sick but recovering

i stayed home from work for three days this week. that's a rarity in my life. (and i'll pay for it in the coming weeks.) i still have a bit of the sniffles and lots of phlegm (i just like that word, sorry) but overall i feel a whole lot better.

it was a guilty pleasure just lounging around for those 3 days, though. i think i watched like 15 hours of the newest season of dancing with the stars. i'm still not caught up to the current episode so don't give anything away if you've been watching. despite never being a fan of n'sync, i think i really like lance bass, even though i'm sure he won't make it all the way.

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Erica said...

I once sold tickets to Godspell to Lance Bass at my old theatre in Jackson cause some of his friends were in it. Also, an old coworker of mine was one of his early dance teachers (he's from Clinton) and she never stopped talking about him and how she taught him how to dance.

What is more exciting to me is that Lacey from So You Think You Can Dance is his partner!!