Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 Years

Today is Chris and my 9 year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've been married that long, but at the same time, it feels like we've always been together. We've had quite a journey so far and I'm so glad to be on our current adventure together.

Happy Anniversary, babe.*

baldman giving me the engagement ring
Christmas a few years ago. Giving me his grandmother's engagement ring.

lake victoria at nassa outside mwanza
Our first trip to Africa together.

el yunque forest, pr
An anniversary vacation in Puerto Rico. 

before the social d concert (nice yuvula, waldie)
Anniversary trip to Myrtle Beach. Rocking out before a Social Distortion concert! 

rockin' couple!
Halloween a few years ago.

The party at Liz and Marion's.
At a friend's house in Musoma, Tanzania, just a few weeks ago.

*Too bad we got married so long ago that I don't actually have any electronic copies of pictures from our wedding.**

**UPDATE: My brother uploaded some of our pictures from our wedding, so here are a few shots:

Our wedding 4-26-03

Our wedding 4-26-03


Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!! You all were newlyweds when I met you on that fateful day of orientation at SC. :) Lots of hugs, Kaiser

Firework Babies said...

Happy 9 yrs!!!! Thinking of you today and reminicing. Hope you are doing something fun to celebrate.