Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Picts from my birthday

I already said I had an amazing birthday, but I didn't really say what I did.

The day before my birthday, the school gave me a cake.
Since we were not going to be at dinner at the language school on my actual birthday, we celebrated with cake and ice cream on the night before. Sweets are a rarity here* so we didn't want to deprive everyone (including ourselves) of the opportunity!

Liz and Marion threw a wonderful party for me at their house. We invited some folks from the MK community and the language school and had an excellent blow-out! They cooked delicious food, we sang songs, laughed, and a great time was had by all.

The dress my hubby bought me for my birthday.
I wore my new dress, courtesy of my thoughtful husband.

The party at Liz and Marion's. David & Fr. Mike
Mike made it in from the village, despite the rain.

The party at Liz and Marion's. The hostesses working hard.
Big thanks to Liz and Marion for their generosity and hard work!

The party at Liz and Marion's.
The cake was To. Die. For.

The party at Liz and Marion's.
And they even found chocolate ice cream! (It's not that common here.)

The party at Liz and Marion's. Nutella from the Rossers!
Everyone was so generous and gave me way more gifts than I expected (or deserved!).

The party at Liz and Marion's. We sang some songs.
We finished off the party with some goofy and fun songs.

My parents had a birthday part for me in absentia. So they got to eat cake & ice cream too!
My family couldn't make the party, so they had one in my stead at home and we Skyped together to celebrate. My parents made coffee ice cream and cupcakes!

The Waldie family band made a rare Skype-based appearance.

Thank you again, everyone, for helping to make my day super-special.

*Unless you have amazing family and friends who spend ridiculous amounts of money to send you packages that keep you well-stocked in sugary treats. ;)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! I am glad it was a great day. That dress is beautiful too!-Kaiser
Got your email---many thanks, will send the package soon!!!

Erica said...

Yay! You look gorgeous and so happy! That dress is stunning on you!

Your bday package from us will be coming your way soon!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you look so happy, Katie. Love your new clothes and new friends. We really had fun at your party, and I just now had another cupcake. Yum! Was thinking of you while I ate it, so does that count as sharing? Hope your whole year is as happy as your birthday was.