Saturday, April 07, 2012

Holy Week

It's been the better part of a week and I guess I should post something and start pushing my birthday posts further down the page before someone begins to think that I'm leaving them up there to get more attention. No, although I do like the attention, I've actually just been super busy here and I've not had much time for blogging.

On Thursday we finished our studies at language school, packed our bags and headed back to Mwanza, where we'll be living from here on out. Or at least the indefinite future. Although we're still far fluent in Swahili, we've got a great foundation and I'm super excited to start work next week. It's hard to imagine doing a 9-5 again because I've been out of it for so long. But we're supposed to ease back in for the first three months and focus a lot on specific language and vocabulary acquisition, as opposed to "accomplishing" anything.

We've not secured housing yet, so we are staying with fellow MKLMers until we can finalize that, but we've seen a house we like and hope to move in sometime this month.

Here's hoping everyone out there in cyber-land had a blessed Holy Week and has a Happy Easter. We'll be headed to 7AM Easter Sunday Mass in Swahili. We'll see how much of that I understand. Even on a good day the ratio of comprehension is relatively low!

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