Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adventure Weekend

One of the promises I made myself in this new year was that Chris and I were going to get out and do more fun things. We have a tendency to get in ruts and not do anything different or not get away from the humdrum of daily life.

So this weekend I was really happy when I came home from work on Saturday afternoon and Chris suggested we go out to lunch. We never go out to lunch! We had heard of a new fast food restaurant in town so we decided to check it out. Mwanza has no lack of restaurants, but all the restaurants have the same kinds of food, either Tanzanian (ugali, rice, meat, fish, veggies) or Western (pizza, burger, pasta). The new fast food place doesn’t have anything that’s way too different (mostly chicken), but I got the chicken shwarma wrap and it was good! I just like anything wrapped up in a tortilla-like thing. And this had french-fries and coleslaw inside the wrap. Even better!

After lunch we went over to the new bakery in town and it was AMAZING! I wish I’d taken pictures, but I’ll definitely go back, so I can do it then. They had both Tanzanian and Western treats including doughnuts, croissants, mendazi, samosas, cake, cookies, and bread. We went a little overboard and got a huge cookie, a doughnut and a slice of carrot cake as big as my head! We took our horde home and shared them. The doughnut was by far the best thing we tasted. I feared it would just taste like the same old bread they have here. But it was so good. Light and fluffy, fried to a nice crisp and the cream was amazing. Afterwards I was so sick to my stomach I had to take a nap to sleep my sugar hangover off!

Our other adventure for the week was on Sunday. The 5 lay missioners in Mwanza headed about an hour out of town to try a restaurant we’d heard mention of. It’s a place right on the lake and it serves western food and steak. 

Visiting Pop's Restaurant outside Mwanza
The profits from the restaurant go toward two schools and an orphan program. We discovered that the founder and Executive Director is a fellow alumnus with me (NYU’s social work program). He’s younger than me and has been here 7 years already. Yes, it made me feel a little inadequate but it also inspired me to keep working and great things can happen. The place was very relaxing and the food was good. It was a great adventure and I definitely think we’ll be going back there again!

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Michael in Mbeya said...

Yes, we've had some struggles with getting out of the house & feeling like we're doing more than just working & staying in. Wish we had those "fast food" and bakery places down here!