Thursday, January 10, 2013

In "Case" You're Keeping Track

Tanzanian Court System: around 5 (I've lost track of exactly how many times we've gone)
Reids: 0

Here's the pattern thus far of our court case from the robbery in July.

October sometime: This was our first court hearing and it was rescheduled for November 7 or sometime around there.

November 7(ish): rescheduled for December 6

December 6: rescheduled for December 21

December 21st: rescheduled for January 10

Today, January 10: rescheduled for January 24th (even though it's a public holiday and the court will be closed)

Each time we go to the court we spend about 2-3 hours waiting outside for our name to be called. Then we go in, along with the investigator who is pressing charges (if he shows up) and the accused robber. They talk for a minute or two and for one reason or another they reschedule the court case. The reasons thus far have been: too many cases for the day, the investigator isn't there, the translator isn't there, the judge isn't there.

Next time I propose that we're not there.

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