Sunday, January 06, 2013


I just realized that today is Epiphany. And we skipped Church. I don't like skipping Church on a regular day, but I like even less on special days like this. But we're having a purely Tanzanian issue right now. With all the rains we've been having, our bridge is out of commission. Unless, of course, you feel comfortable driving over jagged rocks precariously piled on top of rebar as the only thing between you and the gushing creek below. Call me a worrier, but that's not really the way I want to go. We've found another rout, but there's this one puddle that I have to drive through and it's about as deep as I think is advisable before you start doing some damage to the car*. Well, last night we got some more rains and both Chris and I were a little nervous to head out not knowing the current state of the bridge** nor how much deeper the puddle is. So we made the decision to stick to home this morning and explore on foot to see if we can find some other alternate paths.

So, long story-short, we just finished a walk (abruptly interrupted by rain) and found another route that I think will hold out for as long as these rains continue. But we still missed Church. So, happy Epiphany, everybody.

*On that same road earlier in the week, while transporting a new missioner, I made a bad mistake and got stuck on a rock in a puddle, stalled, restarted the car and backed up, dragging the big rock with us. That little mistake caused 370,000 Tshillings worth of damage (around $240).

**Guys in the neighborhood on a daily basis will go out there and pile smaller rocks, dirt and grass on it. But then it'll rain and it all gets washed away again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. It really is always something, isn't it -- bugs, rain, parasites.... Keeps you on your toes, and keeps you from taking anything for granted!

Love you,