Tuesday, May 07, 2013

At Work

Yesterday I managed to download this YouTube video* from the interwebs and show it at work to some of my coworkers. They were really engaged and had some excellent thoughts/feedback. They were surprised that we have the same issues with violence in America than they do in Tanzania. Most people in TZ think that everything in America is perfect and that relationships exist without any issues of power and control. My coworkers know that I used to work in sexual violence prevention, but I guess it still hasn't hit home that I was working with real people in situations of real violence.

Building the capacity of staff at work

As an adviser in my office, I try to open the eyes of my coworkers to understand more about the issues of violence all around the world and to help build their capacity to prevent violence in our communities here in northern TZ.

*Thanks, Paula, for posting the video on Facebook and giving me the idea to share it with my colleagues.

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