Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Avocados and Rancid Together Again for the Very First Time, Just Like Nyeusi and Smokey

Me & C in the new house
In the new house.

We're still unpacking the boxes and trying to figure out where to put things in a house that has no cabinets, closets or shelves. Right now the food and spices are all stored in boxes on the floor. But despite that we love the house. It's quieter, cozier, the water and electricity work, we have a working hot shower and a whole lot less mosquitoes. And now, we have this little lady!

Nyeusi wasn't quite sure at first so she hid under the truck *

Her name is Nyeusi, which means black in Swahili, because she was at a MK sister's house for a few months and they had to distinguish her from the other puppy who was white. Smokey and Nyeusi liked each other from the start and now they're BFFs, rolling on the ground and playing with each other. I'm so happy for Smokey because she's got a friend now and I think she'll be much happier with the company.

Smokey has the biggest grin on her face. She's so happy to have a new friend!
Check out that smile on her face! She was so excited!

*Nyeusi is recovering from some sort of skin infection that she's had for the past few weeks. Poor baby was a bloody, scabby mess. She's a lot better now and her fur is slowly growing back, but she kinda looks like a wrinkly old lady. We love her anyway and thinks she's just the cutest.

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