Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More pictures of the new house

We're settling into the new house slowly, slowly. I'm reluctant to post too many pictures because it's constantly changing as we move and remove things around to find the perfect location. But for now, here are a few shots (that are already outdated because we've shifted some things).

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Hallway as you enter the house. Master bedroom immediately on right. Living room/dinning room/kitchen in the middle of the hall on the left. Main bathroom across the hall from the living room. At the end of the hall on each side is an extra bedroom (one will be an office).

Living Room/Dinning Room
Living Room/Dinning Room

Dinning Room

Kitchen (though we've moved the counter to the other wall now)
(We've moved the counter to the other side of the wall and we hope to put up shelves or something to have a little more storage.)

Also, here's a better picture of our new puppy before she got all weird looking with the skin infection.


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Anonymous said...

Nice place! Are you able to feel a bit safer and have more privacy?-Michelle Kaiser