Friday, July 19, 2013

Cat Advice?

Are you watching me?

So, I think we broke our kitten. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with him, but it seems to be neurological. About a week ago in the middle of the night he knocked over a whole jar of sunflower oil that spilled all over the floor. That may be purely circumstantial. Chris cleaned it up, bathed the cat a few times, we moved on. But ever since then he's had trouble walking, jumping and holding his head up. It was really bad at first, he couldn't even jump up to or down from a chair without falling, literally, on his head, which only made things worse. We made sure he got lots of sleep and we kept him locked up so he couldn't jump onto anything and after a few days he seemed to get better. I mean, not better-better, but improved better. For the better part of the week he's been able to jump up and down without falling over and he's not been as wobbly as before. He eats and goes to the bathroom in the litter box, but his personality is still not quite there. He doesn't play or do kitten-like things, nor does he respond to stimuli. For example if you wave your hand in front of his face or snap, he doesn't move. But he can see because he'll follow you around the room. He's sleeping a lot and when he does, he always buries his head. He is singly focused on being in someone's lap and will meow if you don't sit down.

I called our local vet but he's out of town until Wednesday. Though honestly, I doubt he'll have any idea what's wrong and will probably just give him shots of antibiotics. Any ideas from people out there? Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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kate oleary said...

It sounds like he had a seizure. This happened to my parents cat and there isn't a lot you can do. Make sure he is eating and resting. My parents cat,Beatrice, slowly recovered but she is very weak. I'm sorry your little love bundle had to through this. I want only good things for you guys from now on.