Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kenya Pictures

Even though Chris and I are back to work this week, I'm still catching up on our pictures from our trip. Maybe being delayed in posting is helping me stay connected to vacation and making me feel like I'm still there? Yeah, maybe not.

As usual, I've posted my pictures on Flickr, but for now here's a sampling.

We had such a great time in Paris that we were so sad to leave. Chris decided to take one last taste of real French chocolate before we were back in Africa.

Enjoying one last bite of delicious French chocolate.
What a maroon.

The primary reason we went to Nairobi was for our doctor's checkups. The medical care in Kenya is worlds above Tanzania and we were really happy with the services we got.

Chris in Nairobi hospital
In typical Chris-Reid-fashion, he had to make the doctor's visits really count. Don't worry, he was just in for a medical test and everything checked out okay.

Despite all the medical tests, we did get in some fun stuff.

3D movie in Nairobi
Most importantly, we got to see a 3D movie! Our first movie theater experience since coming here*.

It's really big! See me at the bottom?
One day Chris and I went to the Botanical Gardens and we saw this big tree.

Love us some Ethiopian Food! (And a beer)
Even though we live only a few borders away, Mwanza has no Ethiopian food. We got our eat on, man!

Continuing our tour of old bones in every country on this vacation. In Nairobi National Museum
Continuing our experience of seeing skulls in all of the countries we visited.

More snakes. Snake Park in Nairobi National Museum
SNAKES! At Nairobi National Museum.

He doesn't care. In Nairobi National Museum
This guy didn't care...

Chris reached his limit of snakes. Snake Park in Nairobi National Museum
...but this guy sure did!

Funny side note about Kenya:

No Hooting
Good to know.

*Nairobi traffic is so bad that on the way home from the movie we sat in 2 hours of traffic. It took longer to get home than the actual run time of the movie we saw!

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