Sunday, September 18, 2011

Arizona Days 3, 4 & 5

I’m still catching up on blog posts from our trip out west. Meanwhile, the rest of life just keeps moving on. I’ll post soon about the move and all the craziness as we were leaving town. But for now, here’s the remainder of our trip to Arizona.

During the last half of our trip, we did a nice balance of chilling out at the house, mixed with sightseeing. On Sunday we pretty much stayed around town because the hubby and I wanted to go to Church and we had a slew of laundry to do. I always enjoy going to churches in other parts of the country (and world) to see their local and cultural spin on Mass. As to be expected, the Church in Dad’s neighborhood was very modern. Though it didn’t have much of a Latino flair to it, so that was surprising. The rest of the day was spent going in and out of funky little shops in an area of town not too far from Dad and Holly’s place.

Around Phoenix
Cool iron sculpture of a horse outside a store.

Goofing around Phoenix
Messing around in the shops.

On Monday we took the afternoon to go to Sedona. I visited Sedona when I was last in AZ to see the parents, but Chris hadn’t been. So we took a Pink Jeep Tour to look at the beautiful red rocks and take in the spectacular natural sights. We also enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal, which was our main staple both in AZ and in CA. We couldn’t get enough of it!

In the Pink Jeep
Stealing the pink jeep for a quick getaway into the mountains.

The Christmas Card Shot
Overlooking Sedona.

A Scene of the Cow Pies Trail
A view of what is known as "The Cow Pies Trail" because of the rounded rocks. We loved how you can see the layers of different types of rock in the formations.

We had a few hours on Tuesday before our late afternoon flight to San Diego, so Dad took us down to Scottsdale to show us the building where he works and take us around to some of the art studios. Did you know that Scottsdale has works of art by Picasso, Renoir, Miro, Warhol and Hunter S. Thompson? I didn’t even know you could have those things for sale! We were just walking around, checking out the artwork and we turned around and saw a Renior statue. Then we walked around the corner and saw Picasso. Our jaws dropped. Then we went to another store that had a bunch more fantastic, famous artists. They didn’t have price tags on them. And our saying is “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” Needless to say, we didn’t buy anything.

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