Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye to Columbia

This past Saturday we officially moved from Columbia. It's very surreal that one day we're in our own home, sleeping in our bedroom and living in the same city we've lived for 8 1/2 years, and then the next morning, we wake up, (over) pack the car and roll out.

We're packed to the rafters!

After months of selling, donating, and get rid of stuff you'd think we'd have nothing to take with us. Plus, it gets really old going over and over and over again deciding what we should keep and what we get rid of. So, imagine our frustration at just how much stuff we had to to fit into the car.

Really? This much stuff to fit in the car!?

Luckily, we got most of it in. I'd rented a bag for the roof of our car, which fit a lot of stuff and in the end we only had to ditch a few last-minute things. And all things considered everything went well with the whole move. 

Before we left town we had another round of goodbyes. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but it actually was a really good process. It gave me time to appreciate all the amazing friends that we have in Columbia. We have the most amazing support system that anyone could ask for. If you're reading this blog then you're a friend (or family--same thing). So give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back with a big THANK YOU for being so amazing. It's because of your support that Chris and I are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. We are going to need your continued support and prayers, so don't give up now! ;)

Here are pictures of some of our last Columbia goodbyes:
Goodbye to Allyson
Allyson, neighbor of a lifetime!

Playing with Iggy one last time
Iggy Pup!

Goodbye to Travis and Julia
Travis and Julia, the new parents to our kitties!

Goodbye to Hanne, Brent and Ellie
Hanne, Brent and Ellie

Showing some love for Carrie
Showing Carrie some love on our last night in town

Our sexy faces
Being sexy with Jenah.

Saying "see you soon" to the Magandas
The Magandas are from the area of Tanzania that we'll be living. In fact, we stayed with their family when we visited in 2006!

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