Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First few days of training

We’ve only gone through 2 ½ days of training I’m already overwhelmed (in mostly good ways) and my brain is just reeling. In and of itself this training alone is going to be a life-altering experience. And I’m so excited for it.

Today both Chris and I individually had to give a 30-minute presentation on our “journey” to MKLM and this point in our lives. It was essentially a life story. I was up until after 11PM last night working on it, Chris until after midnight. So today was a long day of sitting all day listening to 9 people’s (1/2 the group) life stories. But, it was such a privilege to be allowed to hear how they got here. People shared such amazing journeys. I have this visual of 20 different roads all leading to the same convergent point and then breaking apart again. What I mean by this is that I feel like even though we all have vastly different stories, are varying ages and come from unique backgrounds, something has led all of us here today. And we will influence each other in amazing ways over the course of our training. Then, we’ll take that influence and use it in our work around the globe.

I’m off to bed now because we have another long day tomorrow. I was going to post some pictures from my Lifelines presentation today, but Flickr isn't working with me and I'm too tired to mess with it. I'll try again on another day.


Erica said...

Amazing. I am awe stricken with the two of you.

Waldie said...

Erica, Please don't get stricken by anything else. ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are enjoying it and meeting such cool people. I am really gald you are happy. Love you-Rachel

Erica said...

I know, seriously, right?
I've had a bad case of the Dread Mahokus this past few months.