Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Must See

Chris's sister and her husband are amazingly talented people living in Chicago. For the past many years they have been part of the product team, Blewt. Blewt just put out a pilot TV episode of Don't Spit the Water, a crazy live game show they've done as a theater production for years. The episode is hilarious and brilliant. You've GOT to watch it. Then, go to the network's website and tell them how amazing it was and that they've GOT to make it a regular program. Seriously, folks, this is so funny.

Don't Spit the Water! Pilot Episode from Blewt! Productions on Vimeo.


Erica said...

That is so nice of you!
I can't believe you never got to see it performed live!

Waldie said...

Sadly, I did not see you guys live. But my sister did. So maybe that's sort of like me 1/2 way seeing it live??

Erica said...

Totally. She even got to see Creepy Elephant Fuzzy in the union suit, so that makes it even more magical.